Deck Repair/Installation

Deck Repair/Installation

A lot of work goes into keeping your deck beautiful. Staining, power-washing, water-resistant treatments, deck repairs—these are all important maintenance items for sustaining home value. Unlike your typical general contractor," ProLine specializes in ALL deck maintenance that protects this valuable addition to your home.

ProLine repairs decks damaged by water, bugs and general wear and tear in just one call. Our staffs of professional, reliable craftsmen make short, efficient work of both deck repairs and even a deck installation. In one visit, ProLine can repair damaged boards, tighten loosened screws while performing common deck maintenance such as staining. And when it comes to your family, proper deck repairs, such as fixing broken boards or joists prevent serious safety hazardous.

Keep your family safe with a little help from ProLime Home Improvements. Our contractors are professionally trained, licensed and insured to complete every deck repair and maintenance task. This means each replacement board is professionally crafted and installed to keep your deck safe and looking beautiful.

When decks are beyond repair, we will most likely recommend replacement. When this is the case you can trust our professional home repair contractors  who specialize in deck installation.

Many surface repairs are easily made to restore your deck to its former glory.  A structural deck repair however may indicate it's time for our deck installation service.

Let ProLine help you decide whether deck installation or repairs are necessary.

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